Why Middle Market Tech Providers Can Be Your Key to Contact Center ROI

by | Sep 21, 2020 | Cloud Software

Facing unexpected business changes — the result of a global health crisis — most organizations have been forced to refine their outlooks with a more short-term window. 

The prime focus is still ROI — but also driving top-line revenue and efficiency faster.

That’s because although your consumers’ lives have been turned upside down, their expectations for exceptional products and services remain at an all-time high. 

Now, more than ever, call center leaders are looking for solutions that can make it easier to weather economic uncertainty, manage remote work environments, and deliver game-changing customer experience. 

It’s no wonder why middle-market call center software providers have emerged as a key contact center solution for driving ROI in less time. 


When it comes to speed, the largest, most popular vendors aren’t always the best choice.

While larger vendor partners may help empower collaboration and team efficiency across your enterprise  (think of the biggest names in any technology category), they also carry a few key disadvantages that middle-market providers simply don’t.

Unlike middle market solutions, larger SaaS products can require more time to implement (months vs. weeks), thus creating a longer timeline between launch and results. What’s more, a larger vendor can be quite expensive to get off the ground, with initial licensing and enterprise implementation costs. Lastly, larger vendors typically lack business agility, primarily serving the needs of their largest, most profitable clients first, and doing so across a longer enhancement roadmap. 

Can your business afford to pay big bucks for a solution that isn’t capable of adapting to your call center’s needs?

Not if your main goal is driving contact center ROI. 

Middle market providers offer great speed of expansion (unlike established leaders) because they: 

  1. Must constantly compete on features against new technology disruptors.
  2. Must constantly deliver better service than highly-established competitors.
  3. Must constantly explore new integrations to serve more and more tech stacks.

Middle market call center providers are accustomed to rapidly leapfrogging competitors or building new technology by leveraging modern code architectures to give their customers emerging next-gen software.

If you’re looking for real, tangible results— a middle-market vendor might be your best bet for many common software needs,


Customer Relationship Management platforms, or CRMs, remain one of the most popular and fastest-growing tech categories for major organizations. In fact, most business leaders consider centralized customer data and strong automation to be table stakes for growth.

But, for call centers looking for key areas to achieve ROI, the cost of many of these solutions is the biggest hurdle. 

Total cost of ownership of the largest CRM platforms can be up to 10x more expensive than middle market solutions. And very few have the flexibility to truly provide you a “single pane of glass” view into your contact center relationships. 

That’s because CRM powerhouses must remain industry agnostic, serving the greatest value to the greatest number. And while that’s been a revolutionary development for many businesses, call center leaders need new solutions tailored to the way their agents engage with consumers. 


Just by doing a cursory comparison between the top Gartner leaders in customer engagement and many emerging CCaaS solutions, you’ll find you can get everything your agents need at up to half the price with a CCaaS middle-market vendor.  If they are a relatively new product to market (but not too early) then you will often find they are built on modern stacks with modern codebases.  They simply do not have technological debt to overcome as they build out their solution.  They are also often built with a modern UX which is much more intuitive and easier for newer generations of agents to pick up…not to mention they are a perfect fit for a post-COVID world of WFH and/or hybrid models for contact centers.  

That’s because most middle market solutions feature an attractive price point while still offering these essential call center features:

  • Automatic Call Dialing (ACD)
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Omnichannel
  • Outbound toolsets
  • Call Recording
  • Customer Analytics
  • Artificial intelligence solutions built in

And, the best part, middle-market contact center solutions will grow with your business. 

As new technologies evolve and emerge, making customer engagement more seamless and elevating user experiences, your CCaaS solution will be working to serve your industry.


If you’re desperate for better results from your technology, and are looking for a change, DON’T START with a wish list of providers!

Instead, start with a list of what you need from your provider and find the perfect fit for your organization. That’s the revolutionary approach that Cloud Call Center Search takes as they help clients find the right technology partners.

By expertly choosing the right fit, we ensure your organization gets the right results—fast.

Contact us today for a risk-free, no-cost consultation to learn about a middle-market vendor that can change your short- and long-term business outcomes.