Premise to Cloud Migration

Is it time to move from premise to cloud call center software?

Are you still running a premise-based call center system?  If you are, you’re certainly not alone. Nearly 70% of the contact center market has not yet made the switch to cloud call center software, but that is rapidly changing as most premise-based users have plans to migrate in the next few years.

If you’re ready to make the move, Cloud Call Center Search can help you navigate this complicated process. We are call center technology experts with over 25 years of industry experience, and we can support you through:

Some common catalysts for switching to cloud based call center software include:

The desire for new software features or upgrades that are being developed exclusively for cloud-based platforms.

A recurring need to scale your operation up (or down) with minimal effort from your IT team.

Costly maintenance contracts for premise-based systems that do not compare favorably to the lower costs associated with cloud software.

Benefits of switching from premise to cloud call center software

For most companies, it is impossible to replicate the security and redundancy that the cloud based vendors have developed.  Their whole focus is to create an environment which minimizes down time to meet their own contracted SLAs and maintain their customer satisfaction.  They also make their infrastructure updated able to push out new version on mass scale simplifying the roll outs of new features. These things alone are huge advantaged for a company while trying to stay on top of their customer communications.  No one wants to worry about down time in the contact center world.

Cloud based solutions make it easy to deploy agents anywhere in the world supporting both internal and outsourced agents on the same solution.  Because of the multitenancy designs they can also allow a single organization to have multiple instances only accessible through the right log in credentials.  They also allow for easily scaling up and down and a lot of vendors even give a pricing structure that allows you to only have to pay for the seats you use during a month.  If you had to ramp up for the holidays or a spike in volume then you have to buy the licenses outright for a premise based solution.

With cloud based deployments you can also take advantage of new technologies that constantly evolving.  I have ever in my 20 plus year history in this industry seen the level of speed in technology advancements.  You need to have partners who can easily deploy and give you access to modern APIs to leverage the latest technology trends.

When does it make sense to keep your premise call center software?

The future of call center software is undeniably in the cloud. As adoption becomes more prevalent, software vendors will continue to innovate primarily for the cloud, slowly but surely rendering most premise-based systems obsolete.

Although a cloud deployment clearly makes sense for most organizations, it’s not always a given. In some cases, it might make more sense for your organization to proceed with a premise or hybrid model.

Some common reasons to stick with a premise or hybrid model include:

Existing infrastructure

If you are a company who already has the current IT, infrastructure and organization to support multiple platforms then the reduction in those cost areas likely will not be recognized.  


You may be in an industry where security and compliance simply can’t be trusted to a third party vendor in spite of the sophisticated security measures and redundancy found with today’s cloud call center software.