3 Reasons to Consider the Middle Market as you Select Cloud Call Center Software

by | Feb 6, 2019 | Cloud Software

The rush, rush pace of today’s business environment may tempt call center leaders to rely on internet searches to identify potential cloud call center software partners.  After all, in just a few minutes dozens of vendor names appear, many with big names that seem safe and familiar. But are the options that appear really the right fit for their specific needs?

Don’t get us wrong, we work with and often find that the larger vendors are the perfect fit for some organizations.  However, often times we are told by our clients that they have felt like a little fish in a big pond fighting for time and attention.  Not exactly the place to be when you are ultra-focused on growing your call center business by providing clients best in class service.  Is that big company name responsive enough to help you grow? Will you have access to the latest technology? Will you get a strong return on the investment you make with them?  

What you need is a cloud call center software provider that is invested in your company’s growth, understands your needs deeply, and won’t drop you to the bottom of their priority list.  The reality is that there are dozens of companies ready to deliver, if only they can get in front of you to convey their stories of innovation and passion for shared success.

Here are 3 key reasons to consider middle market vendors in your search:

  • Price – equivalent capabilities at a lower cost.
  • Partnership – focused on partnership with clients.
  • Innovation – nimble, agile, and able to move quickly.

Price.  Middle market vendors tend to offer the same capabilities as the big players but at a lower cost.  In part because they are fighting for their share of the market, and in part because they often have better control over their own infrastructure and costs.  They often also have more open pricing models that can allow for different buying models.

Partnership.  Middle market vendors are often still fighting for market share and are more willing to work within the rules of engagement you set in order to earn your business.  Things like speed to integration and custom development are often easier to work through with the mid market and upcoming vendors. Helping you realize success will result in more business for them, thus you are jointly vested in your growth.  

Innovation.  Middle market vendors are more nimble and agile, and tend to innovate more quickly. Information coming in from their customers, research on their competitors, and industry best practices can be efficiently assimilated and turned into new features and releases.  Not that the leading providers are not innovating but it takes more time to turn a cruise liner then it does a skiff.

These are just a few of the benefits that can come from middle market providers.  The trick is finding out how to unearth the ones that have a cloud call center software package that is just right for your situation.  This is most effectively accomplished by working with someone who has dug deep into the industry to find the hidden gems that don’t come up in your typical online search.

As a specialist in cloud call center software, Cloud Call Center Search is constantly monitoring the industry for new providers, exploring their capabilities, and evaluating their performance reputations in depth. As the number of vendors continues to grow, so does the range of specialized recommendations we are able to advance.  Our focus is on simplifying your contact center technology search to deliver a meaningful short list of right-fit vendors to the call centers they consult with – at no cost to the call center.

Remember, big marketing budgets do not necessarily equate to the right fit for you and many great providers don’t have the resources (time/talent/financial) to put on a big marketing show.  Even review sites and industry reports are only marginally useful as they only look at a few of the 200+ vendor options available and may even be paid visibility opportunities. The hidden gems in the middle market might be hard to find, but the payoff is worth the effort.

Work with a partner who knows the industry to fast-forward your journey to cloud call center software.  Contact Coud Call Center Search for the inside scoop on middle market providers today.