Call Center AI Software

Artificial Intelligence (AI) used to be the subject of science fiction. Could AI handle jobs traditionally filled by humans? Unthinkable! While AI is not ideal for completely replacing human agents, it should be used in conjunction with human agents to improve efficiency within outsourcing organizations.

How AI (Artificial Intelligence) Benefits Your Call Center

AI in the contact center refers to leveraging algorithms and computer-based learning programs to mimic human activities to automate processes and deliver a more effortless experience for the end user. There are many types of AI implemented in the contact center and most often people think of chatbots, but there is much more to it than that.

AI can handle the following responsibilities:

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Supervised Learning
  • Text messaging (SMS)
  • IVR/voice
  • Social media
  • Appointment setting
  • PCI compliant payment collection
  • Order processing and fulfillment
  • Agent Performance Enhancement

With AI companies have seen in some cases 140% increase in  online sales chat assistance.


Online Sales Chat Assistance

Key Considerations when Selecting AI Solutions for Your Call Center

When considering Artificial intelligence for your contact center you’ll want to take some serious time to define your business objectives. Do they require automation, true AI, or a combination of the two? AI is a popular buzzword and companies are racing to implement quickly, but it’s important to consider how it can best help you reach your goals. Don’t implement AI for the sake of implementation, use it to measurably enhance your organization’s performance. 

AI Software can decrease your cost per call by as much as 30%!


Decrease in Cost Per Call

Additionally, take time to consider how you will measure and define your successful implementation.  Often times POCs are started with no clearly defined end target to define success. Your board wont care that you implemented AI if you are unable to clearly define your targets and show how your results correlate to business improvements.

Key Considerations:

  • Is all of our data in a digital format that can be leveraged to help in the training of AI?
  • What is the desired business result we are looking for from implementing AI?
  • In which channels of communication do we initially deploy AI?
  • Consider your operational team – do you have the right leaders to spearhead this project?
  • Define your desired results and how you’ll measure success in your initial AI implementation.

AI Software has helped some call centers achieve a 90% decrease in handle time.


Decrease in Average Handle Time

Call Center AI Software Vendors

The call center AI vendor landscape is very complicated. There are vendors of every shape and size in this segment of our market, and it is as clear as mud in some cases as to what they truly provide – both out of the box and through integrations – for contact centers. This is why the definition stage of this project is so essential when you are doing your search.