Call Center Gamification

Gamification is not just a buzzword anymore. The reality of the ROI in call center gamification has been proven time and time again, showing wide improvement on performance through improving both client and agent satisfaction.

Call center gamification software companies have created a unique way to focus your contact center agents on key performance indicators that drive positive change in your organization. Creating fun, yet focused, games that tie key behaviors selected by contact center leadership drives the right behaviors from the bottom up.

How Gamification Benefits Your Call Center

Gamification can greatly improve agent performance by providing a focus on KPIs that are important to your contact center. You will also see improvements in agent retention, which inherently improves company performance as well. Hiring and training is a very expensive part of your center so even minor increases in agent retention will significantly impact your company.

Companies have seen significant increases in performance, but one case study which was done over a two year period shows the real potential of ROI on Gamification platforms when implemented well:

In the first 90 days…


Increase in Attendance


Increase in Percentage to Goal

In the first year…


Increase in Attendance


Increase in Percentage to Goal

At the 2 year mark they had maintained the increases to goal and attendance increased another 25%.

Considerations when Selecting Call Center Gamification Software

When selecting a specific vendor, you must understand the integration points to your existing platforms. Make sure you can get the information you need out of your current systems and into the gamification platform seamlessly. You also need to look for the flexibility of the design and implementation of new games to ensure you can continuously change your focused KPI targets based upon your companies needs.

First identify the key performance indicators you want to focus on to increase your performance. Then, leverage those targeted KPIs in both short, mid and long term targets. By leveraging gamification tools to show the agents and their managers how each individual is performing against their targets and the rest of the teams, you will create transparency and individual accountability.

Call Center Gamification Vendors

The technology landscape is constantly changing with existing companies getting acquired and new companies trying to grab market share. This is a relatively new technology set in the scheme of things, so it is very hard to select a clear industry leader. There are business intelligence tools integrating gamification functionality into their toolset which is a logical fit.

As with all contact center technology, not every tool set is perfect for every environment. Let us help you find the right technology that fits for your needs. We will simplify the process for you by eliminating the research phase of your selection process.

Interested in Call Center Gamification Software?

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2) Deep Dive

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drive your business forward.

3) Recommendation

We consider your current challenges and future contact center goals to deliver an in-depth solution proposal.

4) Review

Review and refine recommendations to ensure technology solutions simplify your business processes and drive profitability.

5) Introductions

We introduce you to the technology teams and facilitate the building of a mutually beneficial relationship and fair proposals.

6) Implementation

Select the right vendor(s) and execute implementation in tandem with our consultative guidance along the way.

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