5 Vital Inbound Contact Center Software Solutions

by | Aug 8, 2018 | Cloud Software

In his recent article, Pradeep Rathinam discusses the idea that many people hate calling customer support, and the reason behind it being that they get frustrated and leave the call feeling no better than before they called. He says that the best resolution for this issue is to put emphasis on First Contact Resolution (FCR). The reason for this is because research shows companies will have higher customer satisfaction if they have high FCR rates.

Rathinam says that in order to improve their FCR rate, companies need to determine root causes for repeat customer contacts, create an easily accessible knowledge base for commonly asked questions, and utilize artificial intelligence for accurate call routing to the best agents to handle calls based on their different issues. In addition, contact centers should use AI for any tasks that can be automated in order to improve agent efficiency.

5 Vital Inbound Contact Center Software Solutions

Software isn’t always put at the forefront by contact centers, but it’s extremely important in the constantly evolving world of customer service. Effortless customer experience is on the tip of every executive’s tongue and technology is the cog that moves that forward.  The following are five software options contact centers should include in their service offerings.

1) Cloud based Omni-Channel or CCaas Software: The cloud can help you improve your existing call center capabilities while streamlining your business processes. It integrates with all of your existing call center technology and includes benefits such as automatic call distribution (ACD) and predictive dialers, cloud routing, digital recording, call tracking, chat, email, social media and customized IVRs.

2) Business Intelligence Software: This software gathers data points from all facets and departments of your company and then provides the data in a neat package of actionable information. Businesses can look at huge amounts of data in a way that provides context, which leads to executives making smart, strategic business decisions instead of gut decisions that could waste the company’s time and money.

3) CRM Systems (Customer Relationship Management): The right CRM systems can provide agents with the most updated information on your customers to fully personalize the customer experience. Human agents and machine learning AI bots can update the CRM with historical information on customers who have called, chatted or texted your company in order to improve scripts and provide more fluid answers to complaints.  The CRM has become the data repository for all interactions and is critical to any business, big or small.

4) AI based IVR Systems (Interactive Voice Response Services) and ACD solutions: These enable your company to resolve customer issues automatically without needing to route the call to a live agent. The software identifies callers and their specific query and gives the customer instruction via phone voice prompts leveraging natural language processing. This technology allows your agents to focus more on their tasks while still providing customer service to all of your customers. Some people might be hesitant on this technology out of fear that their service will become robotic. However, machine learning and natural language processing have gotten so advanced that this isn’t as big of an issue as people think.  Automatic Call Distribution Systems can have a great impact on your inbound call volume. The ACD system routes incoming customer calls to the call center agents with the best skill-set to handle the specific issue. This not only makes your call center more efficient, it also creates a better-quality customer experience by putting the best agent on the call right away while providing the agent with the right information from the customer.

5) Knowledge base and Learning management solutions:  A great knowledge base and learning management system can impact the agent performance significantly through leveraging machine learning to help agents improve in the most common of core activities.  Systems today can instantly provide feedback to the agent to ensure they are meeting all fo your requirements and also constantly improving their performance.  A strong knowledge-base can also be leveraged on the customer facing side to provide relevant insights to your customers on the self-service side that can then feed data back to your company to make educated and data driven decisions on what you may need to improve.

This blog post is based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the article, please click here!

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