Take the fear out of finding the right cloud contact center solution.

With over 200 cloud software providers in the call center market, choosing the right cloud call center software solution for your business is not a simple task. Selecting the best combination of cloud-based call center software solutions is a complex organizational initiative. It takes a considerable investment in time and resources to evaluate, select, implement, train, integrate, and roll out a new solution. Your team is busy optimizing your call center operations; fully evaluating new software options takes a backseat to completing daily revenue driving responsibilities.

Each software provider markets their offering as if they are the perfect solution for all business applications. Often times this is not the case as they exist to sell their product. Leveraging an unbiased team of seasoned call center experts will allow you to cut through the clutter and weed out the solutions that meet your exact requirements. At NO charge, Cloud Call Center Search bridges the gap and matches your organization with the cloud software providers that are the best fit.

Why Choose Us?

Our experts possess more than 60 years in the call center industry with leading software solution companies and Business Process Outsourcers. Our team is uniquely positioned to guide clients through the entire process of selecting the right cloud-based contact center software solutions.

Cloud Call Center Search has spent hundreds of hours evaluating and vetting leading cloud software applications (Omni-Channel, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Workforce Management and many others) and their actual use in the trenches with real-world clients. As a result, we understand the strengths and weaknesses of cloud-based call center software solutions. At NO charge, Cloud Call Center Search will match your organization with the cloud software providers that are the best fit to drive positive ROI in your customer experience, sales, and back-office operations.

Our Process is a Simple and Easy Three-Step Approach:


We’ll assess your cloud software needs with an initial consultation. We will learn about your organization’s background, culture, and key requirements.



We’ll perform an extensive database search to narrow down the top cloud call center software solutions that are the best fit for your company. We will provide you with only the best solutions that meet your exact technology requirements.


After searching and finding the most qualified cloud call center software solutions, we’ll provide you with a comparative side-by-side competitive analysis to further assist you with your selection process.