Noise Canceling Software

Leverage cutting edge AI technology to eliminate background noise on your calls – for less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

A truly successful call center doesn’t just do the job, it does the job well. It doesn’t just resolve customer inquiries, it resolves them through an effortless experience. The best agents can only do so much if their callers can’t hear them clearly.

But it’s easy – and affordable – to erase the sounds of nearby agents and clicking keyboards, and provide superior service for your clients. They understand that enhanced call clarity means happier customers and shorter resolution times, and they’re willing to pay more to achieve it.

More and more BPOs are elevating their offerings by implementing noise cancelling software and simply passing the costs along to their clients for a profit. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Instant Cost Savings for Your Organization

Eliminate the need for expensive headsets

Save money on cubicle construction

Remove the costs of muffling panels


Eliminate background noise for both parties on the call

Integrates with any Windows-based contact center solution

Compatible with any headset – USB or bluetooth

Deploy the software in just a few minutes

Works with any communication app

Muting background noise is as easy as clicking a button

Are you ready to instantly improve customer service and improve your bottom line
through noise cancelling software?

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