Call Center Workforce Management Software

Workforce management solutions have long been a staple in large inbound contact centers, but with the transformation to cloud-based deliveries small to midsize centers can now leverage the advantages of WFM tools to help improve efficiencies in scheduling and center management.

Call center WFM tools allow your organization to truly understand your communication volumes and agent scheduling with available advanced functionality like “what if?” scenario analysis to understand how changes in volume will impact your staffing.

Agent shift bidding is also available in some systems, along with shift adherence agent interfaces to allow for transparency in shift availability.

How WFM Software Benefits Your Call Center

WFM can greatly increase your productivity and cost efficiency by removing or limiting shift over- or under-staffing. The tools are critical when you have staff coming and going, and specific channels that require appropriately trained workers.

Considerations when Selecting Call Center WFM Software

Take your time and understand your requirements from the channels where you wish to measure your agent use.  You must also consider how availability of existing integrations will impact your implementation. A built in integration with you current telephony system will likely reduce implementation time and cost, but most vendors will work with you to create a custom integration to your system if needed.

Additional considerations include:

  • Do you have prior data sources available for channel volumes and agent skills to allow for historical viewing of data?
  • It is best to integrate to your existing infrastructure in order to allow seamless communication between the systems?
  • Can your culture and processes support a mobile experience for WFM for your agents? Would it be advantageous for your agents to access their scheduling tools via their mobile phone?

Call Center Workforce Management Software Vendors

The WFM vendor landscape contains a wide range of suppliers that can provide both cloud and premise based options for your call center.  The systems vary in functionality from the most basic agent staffing measurements to mobile applications that allow agents to bid on shifts through their smartphones.  The prices also vary significantly depending on functionality.

It is a critical decision and it is not always easy finding the right solution that fits your business needs.  Let us help you simplify your call center WFM search and take you right to a shortlist of vendors that fit your exact requirements.  There is no risk and no costs to make this the easiest technology decision you have ever made.

Interested in Call Center WFM Software?

We will simplify your selection process at no cost to you! Our experts remove the guesswork and find the right solution for your needs.

Our process is simple:

1) Discovery Process

We will go through a needs analysis that will uncover the fundamental enhancements that will foster success
for your business.

2) Deep Dive

A further deep dive is critical to dissect the key technology requirements to inform recommendations that will
drive your business forward.

3) Recommendation

We consider your current challenges and future contact center goals to deliver an in-depth solution proposal.

4) Review

Review and refine recommendations to ensure technology solutions simplify your business processes and drive profitability.

5) Introductions

We introduce you to the technology teams and facilitate the building of a mutually beneficial relationship and fair proposals.

6) Implementation

Select the right vendor(s) and execute implementation in tandem with our consultative guidance along the way.

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