CRM for Call Centers

CRMs have been around for decades, but about 10 years ago the landscape really shifted to cloud-based systems. Today there are industry and vertical specific CRMs that really can provide a very precise set of features.

We often see call centers attempt to use traditional CRMs that are designed to manage sales pipelines and business customer data, but are not necessarily set up to work well within a call center. This is often not necessary nor recommended. There are CRM technologies available today that are very specific and targeted at the complex workflows of a contact center.

How the Right CRM Benefits Your Call Center

A well designed CRM in a contact center can provide customer insights, but can also interact with your agents in a way that improves their ability to assist your customers.  Integrating all channels of communications into your CRM can quickly provide your agents the data they need to do their jobs effectively.

Considerations when Selecting a CRM for Your Call Center

When selecting a CRM you MUST understand the workflows and designs of your new system.  This is probably the most critical decision you will make when it comes to contact center technology, so it is imperative you fully understand your needs and how your new system is going to handle them.

Specifically, you should consider and understand:

  • Your current CRM or system of record and what needs to mirrored in process, storage and usage
  • Clearly defined workflows for all types of users
  • The full scope of the implementation – is it departmentally different or do you have segments of activity-focused users?
  • Your plan for migration
  • The necessity and viability of desired integrations. In some cases data passing is sufficient, but single pane of glass integrations may be your best option

Call Center CRM Vendors

The vendor landscape for CRMs is not as competitive as some of the technology suites, but the leaders in the market have a firm grasp on their market share.

Switching CRMs is never an easy task and is often put off for multiple reasons. The fear of a loss of data, a bad migration or an expensive customization process should not deter anyone in today’s cloud based world.  These are important considerations, but most of the vendors understand and work hard to minimize any potential issues.  

In the unique world of contact centers, every business has variations in processes, data capture, compliance and even KPI reporting – just to name a few. Selection of a CRM involves not only deciding between a platform created specifically for call centers, but between the individual vendors as well.

You do not have to go it alone.  Let us help you simplify your process and bring you directly to the short list of vendors based on your needs.