Company Background

Cloud Call Center Search is a cloud software referral and advisory firm

We help companies find the best high-performing cloud-based contact center solutions. At no charge, we help clients cut through all of the options in a highly cluttered market place. We match companies with cloud software solutions for inbound and outbound call centers, live web chat, social media, cloud-based call centers, and outsourced email support services in virtually every industry. You can trust us to help you save significant time, reduce costs, and minimize risk when switching or selecting a new cloud-based call center software solution.

Why Choose Us?

Selecting the right cloud-based call center software solution for your operation requires a unique expertise that typically does not reside in-house. Your team is built to optimize call center operations, not evaluate software options. The software companies themselves are tuned to optimizing software performance, not running your day-to-day call center operations. This can lead to unnecessary stress and companies need leadership from a third-party expert. Enter Cloud Call Center Search, a bridge between call centers and cloud software providers.

Our team has spent more than 20 years in the call center outsourcing industry and is uniquely positioned to assist clients through the entire process of selecting cloud-based contact center software solutions. We’ve had an extensive look at the cloud applications and their actual use in the trenches with real-world clients. As a result, we are positioned as experts in understanding the strengths and weakness of the available cloud-based call center software solutions.

Defining requirements is the most important step of the cloud-based call center software solution selection process. Without a solid understanding of what is needed, it is impossible to make a sound business decision in this regard.

Cloud Call Center Search works regularly with call centers to define program requirements and narrow the field of vendors to those best aligned with the business needs of each client.

Mission and Core Values

We will help you achieve your business objectives in the most cost-effective and quality driven fashion. At Cloud Call Center Search, our core values define who we are and make us the best option to guide you through your selection process.


We act ethically, honestly, and with accountability in all dealings. We maintain honesty in every relationship, be it with our customers, employees, contact center partners, and software suppliers.


We encourage partnership with our team to forge strong, long-term relationships. We provide a positive atmosphere to learn and grow professionally. Communication and respect are the keystones of what makes us who we are.


We are passionate about meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Our focus is to add value and provide excellent service and innovative vendor partner solutions. You can trust us to match you with efficient, high-quality solutions that will increase your ROI.

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