Technology Spotlight: Visual IVR

by | Aug 12, 2019 | Cloud Software

Visual IVR is elevating the customer experience and boosting organizational efficiency by adding cutting-edge, visual interfaces to call center service. These modern call center features align with rising consumer demands and existing preferences.

By allowing customers to rapidly self-serve common issues 24/7 across digital devices with intuitive menu interfaces,  Visual IVR tools give customers the contextual information and technology they need to have a consistent customer experience. 

Traditional IVR is no longer enough. If you are not supporting your current IVR system with visual, mobile-first modernization, than you are falling behind the industry. 

Why Visual IVR is the Right Choice for Your Call Center

The bulk of customer satisfaction and retention are determined by customer experiences. If your customer calls your voice-response interface and is met with a clunky audio menu, or a frustratingly slow call resolution, you’re hurting your brand and driving that customer away from your services.

A traditional IVR system is outdated and  leaves your call center agents with fewer resources to leverage. In the absence of a visual IVR system, customers are forced to use voice – even though more and more individuals prefer communication via alternative channels.

Let’s explore the benefits of a modern Visual IVR in more detail:


Speed of Customer Service

Customers prefer finding self-served solutions to their problems, because it is faster than passively waiting on the phone for an agent.  Visual IVR easily integrates with your current systems and IVR intelligence to give clear, visual navigation that helps rapidly resolve customer issues. 

Elevated Customer Experience

Visual IVR has a distinct advantage over traditional IVR, with an omni-channel, intuitive interface that is as modern as your customer base. By offering a cohesive experience across all devices – , in both audio and visual , customer’s trust in your brand grows along with their confidence that they can resolve future questions with ease.

Pain-Free Visual IVR Access

Customers can easily access menus across their devices – including mobile, tablet and desktop –  as Visual IVR seamlessly integrates with existing systems. Better yet, Visual IVR can work natively within your website and call center applications.


Cost Reduction & Improved Routing

Visual IVR gives agents  a system of resolution that helps customers self-serve without needing an agent. As a result, fewer calls will be forwarded to a live agent, reducing the overall headcount of FTEs.

What’s more, Visual IVR ensures agents will be routed the most important customer issues via pivoted priority with the proper integrations. With many customer issues resolved via self-service, agents can connect with the most dire customer issues faster, placing their expertise where it is needed most.

Elevated Customer Service

Visual IVR provides a simple and seamless process for collecting contextual information before customers reach a live agent. This means all interactions are informed by customer  information that help agents resolve issues faster.

Simple Integration with Current IVR Systems

Organizations always worry about the near-term and long-term costs associated with new technology — specifically the time and money to get new systems deployed. But visual IVR solutions are designed to offer a truly non-invasive integration with traditional IVR platforms.

 If you already leverage an IVR solution, integrating with a Visual IVR is quick and easy. It also helps align all current branding and messaging standards across your organization, so customers receive a cohesive and comprehensive experience.

Better Agent Morale

Agents can be more thoughtful in their service by knowing that their technology systems empower them to better serve customers.By removing common friction from customer experiences, agents face fewer frustrated callers and possess greater intelligence up front to achieve key KPIs – such as customer satisfaction and rapid call resolution.


Visual IVR solutions are not a one-size-fits-all option, but working with technology experts that understand your business can help you choose the right system to drive greater call center ROI. That’s why Cloud Call Center Search is here.

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