Technology Spotlight: Virtual Desktop

by | Aug 26, 2019 | Cloud Software

The original innovation boom that began in the 1970s has already empowered generations with increasing productivity from expanding computer technology.  But, until recently, these workplace enhancements remained predominantly on-premises – limiting access to productivity from terminal systems in single locations.

No one likes being handcuffed to their desk, so innovation has scaled and created greater flexibility for workers. 

But even during the white collar industrial revolution, as SaaS providers offered seamless applications for sales management, collaboration and customer service, companies still needed solutions that offered IT flexibility and data security.

Now, luckily, call center leaders can leverage virtual desktops to give them the best of both worlds, as Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) systems offer easy deployment for BPO agents from any screen where they can access the internet. 

Why Virtual Desktops Matter

Virtual desktops provide the same advantages as a traditional on-premises terminal server – including IT security and compliance – but they’re flexible enough to be deployed to remote agents anywhere across the globe via a small USB device.

Now contact centers with remote workers can leverage security protocols, screen analytics, centralized IT and consistent UX to elevate agent productivity – minus all the high-priced hardware updates and headaches that normally hold you back.

Consider empowering your call center agents with an on-demand virtual desktop to earn a variety of powerful benefits.

Virtual Desktop Benefits for Call Center Leaders

Be Productive. Anywhere. Anytime.

The office is wherever you need it to be. Provide your agents the same modernized, end user systems, regardless of their location. 

Whether in the office, on the road, or working from home – if your agents have access to an internet-enabled screen, they have a workspace that helps them stay productive. 

Behavioral Insights

Virtual desktops also make it simple to access real-time business data to help make informed decisions on how to optimize your BPO resources.

This includes screen analytics, application usage, employee idleness, staffing trends and customizable reports.

By digging into your virtual desktop data, you can make decisions that improve customer service, retention and your bottom line revenue. 

Serve More Customers: Faster. Better.

By unleashing your agents across intuitive, scalable environments, virtual desktops make it easier to reach your customers. 

Better yet, a virtual desktop is easier to keep updated with the latest and greatest features, as software upgrades are automatically absorbed into your virtual environment.

Want the shiniest, new feature in the BPO market? Virtual desktops are the quickest way to leading-edge innovation.

Eye for Security

Before virtual desktops, organizations had to choose between the security of an on-premise system or the flexibility of a cloud environment. 

Highly-regulated industries, specifically those handling customer data, were forced to accept hulking terminal-based solutions that didn’t scale with their business needs. 

Luckily, virtual desktops are designed to handle enterprise-grade security across distributed teams. That means remote agents across outsource teams can be managed with role-based access and dozens of other security protocols.

Scale Quickly

Virtual desktops offer the ability to centrally manage your environment while quickly provisioning assets to your call center teams as needed. You can easily send out USB-driven virtual desktops that deploy the exact IT configurations you require, so training is consistent no matter where the agent is located.

That means, if call volumes or seasonal demand spikes, you can quickly add resources to handle your changing requirements. 

Virtual desktops represent one of the easiest methods for scaling contact center users, as, unlike with terminal systems, you are not forced to upgrade and monitor every individual end user. 

See How Virtual Desktops Can Help Your Call Center

Virtual Desktops systems are a great choice for call center organizations that want both security and flexibility for their BPO environment. Finding the right vendor for optimal ROI is the biggest hurdle when adding any enterprise technology.

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