Technology Spotlight: Call Back Solutions

by | Feb 25, 2019 | Cloud Software

Imagine calling customer service and being put on hold. Cue the Muzak, and before long an automated voice comes over the line to say, “We value your call. An agent will be with you as soon as one is available.”

You wait on hold. And wait. And wait. Then you hang up out of frustration.

An In-Queue Call-back technology solution fixes this headache by allowing callers to request a call back once an agent is available. This small tweak to your call center service is a huge customer win. So why isn’t every organization taking advantage?

Many organizations still rely on legacy systems that don’t feature an In-Queue Call-back solution, but instead rely on outdated IVR solutions that inconvenience customers with long waits and unclear navigation. Further, many organizations simply can’t justify the time and cost of overhauling and implementing a new omni-channel system to modernize their customer service.

Luckily, In- Queue Call-back solutions can be easily integrated as a separate tool with little up-front cost, adding immense customer value and huge cost savings. Here’s how Call-backs are a small addition that makes a big impact.


When customer hold times are too long, the option to request a call back is a tremendously positive benefit. Callers appreciate being saved from on-hold hell.

In fact, 75 percent of callers prefer a call-back option over the traditional on-hold model.

By placing callers on hold, you’re literally putting their lives on hold. Good luck getting anything else done with a phone glued to your ear.  

Call-backs give your caller the assurance that they’re a priority without monopolizing their valuable time. It also gives your agents the opportunity to resolve all caller issues without the nagging urgency of a back-filled caller queue.


One of every five calls to your agents is abandoned.

Whether this is a disgruntled customer losing patience or a prospect moving on to one of your competitors, the plain truth is abandoned calls equal abandoned revenue.

It’s not easy for call centers, with fewer agents on call due to thinning margins. Smaller teams are being asked to do more. To combat lower abandonment rates, you can either spend more money on more people to handle volume or opt for a Call-back solution which circumvents IVR frustration and gives customers back their time.


Depending on your industry, you’re likely hit with peaks and valleys of call demand. And while these trends can be instructive in predicting the average call volume your agents must handle, you are still vulnerable to unexpected traffic spikes.

Call-backs let call centers smooth out these high-volume intervals naturally, as callers prefer to opt for a call back rather than being placed on hold.

Additionally, Call-backs serve as an insurance policy for sudden upticks in demand, by giving your agents ample time to deal with each customer, rather than being rushed to clear a backlogged queue of callers.

Call-backs let your agents start every call on a positive note and improves overall customer satisfaction.


Depending on your call center infrastructure, lacking a Call-back solution could be costing you a great deal,  From PSTN lines to toll-free VoIP DID rates all with Telecom costs, keeping lines open across a traditional IVR solution for callers costs more than simply calling them back later. And fewer callers occupying your IVR  can reduce your overall SIP trunk costs.

Beyond simply lowering your telephony overhead, Call-back systems make a big mark in overall ROI:

  • High rates of customer satisfaction
  • Reduction in repeat calls.
  • Smoother “spike” period transition.
  • Lower cost, with fewer agents required to manage call volume.


It all depends on your goals.

But an In-Queue Call-Back solution offers a multitude of overlapping benefits that aren’t confined to a single industry. Whether you’re looking to reduce headcount, increase agent efficiency, or boost customer satisfaction, Call backs are a low-risk, high-yield feature for greater call center ROI.

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