5 Activities Voice Analytics Technology Can Do for Contact Centers

by | Dec 5, 2018 | Cloud Software

Do your customers acknowledge you? You’ve been sending them great discount offers and rewards points and quality information updates via newsletters, and yet they don’t seem to answer your calls, open your emails, or use the discounts and rewards. Be warned, if you’re constantly reaching out to your customers, you may just be annoying them.

It’s not a matter of how many calls or emails you send, it’s a matter of how you’re conveying the information. A recent article by Ford Blakely says that businesses need to address how they’re communicating with their customers. The article also provides some insight into communication channels, including which are the best to use for customer outreach. To learn more, check out his article here.

From our perspective, if you want to speak to your customers in a compelling way, one of the best approaches is to gather Voice Analytics data. Voice Analytics software uses natural language processing to take speech and convert it to text for analysis. It also examines keywords and volume of text to determine the customer’s sentiment.

Voice Analytics software doesn’t just monitor customers, it also logs the agents’ voices to monitor their effectiveness and compliance with company requirements. This tracking can be done live during calls and monitor both customer and agent voice at the same time. While listening to call audio, Voice Analytics software can do the following five activities:

  • Monitor customer sentiment. Are they happy, angry, or something else?
  • Analyze previously recorded calls while taking note of common keywords. This helps build strategy for future calls.
  • Listen during live calls and give agents real-time feedback.
  • Evaluate trends in calls, which could give insights that improve ROI.
  • Flag issues that arise during calls and send instant notifications to leaders and supervisors.

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