5 Ways AI Can Enhance Contact Center Performance

by | Nov 14, 2018 | Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Software

Technology has taken over most aspects of business operations, including the customer journey. A recent article by Jim Iyoob lays out some critical ways artificial intelligence (AI) and technology in general are revolutionizing the customer experience in contact centers.

AI can be used to evaluate calls, which increases both efficiency (since software can listen to more calls) and data collection. AI can also be dynamic and listen to agents and customer interactions. This enables the AI to learn how to identify factors that influence a QA score, such as tone, business policies, context, and escalation keywords.

At one point in time this concept would have been viewed as pure science fiction, with ominous consequences. Robots are taking over contact center jobs! We’re all doomed! Believe it or not, there are still people out there who feel this way. To them we say, “Stop being so dramatic.”

Human agents and AI can coexist and produce excellent results. AI in the contact center refers to leveraging algorithms and computer-based learning programs to mimic human activities, automating processes and delivering a more effortless experience for the end user.

When people think of AI in the context of contact centers, they tend to think of chatbots. Chatbots are a powerful website asset, but they’re not the only opportunity to utilize AI in the customer journey. The following are five of the many ways AI can be used in your contact center.

  1. Robotic Process Automation: To put it simply, this means turning boring, routine tasks over to the computer. Your human agents will thank you for implementing this.
  2. Supervised Learning: This is a complex topic, but to put it in a very simplified way, the AI takes human-entered variables and learns over time as it processes data from its experiences and allows humans to identify and confirm correct responses.
  3. Interactive Voice Response (IVR): You’ve most likely called a company and your call was answered by an IVR system. This is a very common solution to help reduce call volume by analyzing and routing calls based on topic or customer needs. Some are implementing AI to help identify based on consumer data, the best team or even agent to handle their inquiry and then providing agents with that data to better handle the call.
  4. Appointment Setting: This is commonly seen on healthcare or physician websites, but it’s also used in many other industries. Scheduling an appointment is a tedious task that can be easily handled by AI algorithms.
  5. Agent Performance Enhancement: There are many ways AI can be used as a virtual assistant to make life easier for your human agents. One example involves virtual assistants helping agents by working with the CRM to bring up relevant information on customers during calls based on past experiences and interactions. This makes the call more focused and tailored specifically for the individual customer, which makes a more fluid experience and an overall happier customer.

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