Technology Spotlight: Knowledge Base

by | May 6, 2019 | Cloud Software, Technology Spotlight

Is your call center currently taking advantage of a modern knowledge base system to improve service and satisfaction for customers?

For many call center leaders, their productivity relies on legacy systems that can’t meet the growing industry demands for speed and service.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider upgrading your knowledge base now.

Your Knowledge Base Software Is Probably Outdated

The hard truth is that your knowledge base software may already be lagging behind today’s leading technologies, which offer highly-intuitive interfaces online and integrated chatbot features that elevate customer experiences.

They may also fall short on rising customer expectations, as 70 percent of consumers prefer to use a company’s website to get answers rather than use a phone or email.

Giving your customers preferred destinations that keep them from sitting on hold is a common strategy of call deflection, which raises overall NPS scores and reduces call volume for agents.

Without a modern knowledge base, call centers are losing out on greater efficiency and quality support, which can alienate your most important asset —  your customers.

Go Beyond FAQs: Emerging AI Technologies to Help Customers

With knowledge-based systems that feature AI and machine learning, all your organizational information can be structured for external and internal use, easily accessible  for customer and agent queries.

More than just a “Frequently Asked Questions” section on your contact page or a Word Document on your company’s intranet, a modern knowledge-base platform equips your call center staff with an advanced solution to improve productivity and call deflection.

Customers can self-serve their issues without ever having to call or email, while agents can provide seamless service with semantic searching, which populates answers to exact customer questions via internal searching.

Modern knowledge-based solutions also feature advanced natural language processing (NLP) systems that are optimized for popular AI-powered assistants, such as Apple’s Siri or Google’s voice search.

Call centers that leverage a knowledge base with NLP-enabled software have 28% faster response rates on customer tickets, with 34% higher NPS scores overall.

Improve Life for Agents

A knowledge base platform makes it easier for call center agents to do their best work, offering targeted answers to customer queries and reducing time-consuming manual tasks.

Here are a few key benefits of leveraging a leading-edge knowledge base solution:

  • Problem solving: a knowledge base gives your agents fast answers to common customer queries, right at their fingertips.
  • Collaboration: agents can easily connect with internal subject matter experts for faster, more accurate resolutions.
  • Adaptability: your knowledge base constantly improves with structured and consistent content added to address evolving customer queries.
  • Reduced training: a knowledge base solution helps new agents support call center demand faster with less time spent in dedicated training.
  • Agent satisfaction: greater access to searchable information across an intuitive system helps agents save time and reduce headaches.

Knowledge base solutions offer a rapid way to service and resolve inquiries by increasing first-call resolution, reducing per/ticket response times and helping your agents with an advanced support solution.

Improve Life for Customers

Instead of scouring site content or waiting on the phone while an agent verifies information, a knowledge base empowers customers with access to information designed to be clear and helpful.

Here are a few advantages a knowledge base offers your customers:

    • Self-service: a knowledge base gives customers the freedom to educate, research, and resolve their issues at their own pace.
    • Consistency: your knowledge base system ensures customers receive accurate and clear answers to their most pressing needs.
    • Satisfaction: with faster call resolution and easily accessed answers, customer service can be streamlined and vastly improved.
  • Retention: satisfied customers consistently exhibit greater loyalty and trust with organizations that make their time and customer experience a priority.

Knowledge base solutions reflect a growing customer preference for digital self-service, and by reducing call center volume and deflecting more customers to better digital channels, call centers can operate with fewer agents overall.

Do You Need a Knowledge Base Solution for Your Call Center?

If customer satisfaction truly matters to your organization, then the answer is ‘yes.’

With a knowledge base platform centralizing customer support, call centers are better equipped to rapidly and accurately resolve customer service incidents — in less time and with fewer agents.

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