Robotic Process Automation Cuts Costs and Enriches the Customer Experience

by | Jul 19, 2018 | Artificial Intelligence

The era of digital transformation has organizations struggling to balance the need to digitize and the length of time it takes to execute. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) promises to accelerate the digital transformation in the realm of the customer experience, while maintaining repetitive processes necessary for daily operations.

Key Benefits of Robotic Process Automation

  • Reduce Cost, Increase Productivity
  • Enriched Customer Experience
  • Accelerated Adoption of Agile Methodologies
  • Higher Quality, Less Errors

How RPA impacts the customer Journey

The principle of RPA software is to leverage a bot that interacts with data and execute tasks according to business logic to mimic the manual path carried out by humans.Robotic Process Automation takes in data and applies actions to direct system interactions, process data, and flag when human interaction is required.

The first step to success with RPA software is understanding your customer journey, where your bottlenecks are and when data re-entry is occurring. The key is finding the steps along the most complex customer journeys and automating those hiccups.

How RPA Works

Examples of processes that can be automated are: reporting, tracking, calculations, and downstream actions using machine learning and AI. RPA reduces manual data entry, re-entry, and re-work. RPA software can result in up to 50% reduction in labor costs through the following components:

  1. Process Designer: Code free Graphical Interface used to capture screens, rules, and workflows.
  2. Task Manager: Adds tasks to automation Queue.
  3. Automation Server: Task distribution and workload management.
  4. Performance Dashboard: Shows results of bots based on metrics.

Starting Small

When you are ready to implement RPA take caution in tackling your most impactful projects first. It is advised to select a smaller project and prove the concept before making big changes. Start with lower complexity projects to prove the concept and then move into the higher level of effort, multi-department initiatives once the team is comfortable with results.

This blog is based on an article from Customer Think. To read the original article click here.

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