Chatbots Empower Your Agents to Improve the Customer Experience

by | Jul 24, 2018 | Artificial Intelligence

Chatbots answer common questions and facilitate sales without direct human interaction. When agents are busy working on customer escalations, general inquiries are tended to by AI technology to keep sales from hitting bottlenecks. Using machine learning, chatbots can reference previous interactions to decide how to make the content provided to the customer more relevant.

Leveraging chatbots in the contact center improves customer service by providing 24×7 support. Customer inquiries can be addressed at any time of day. Chatbots also have no emotional intelligence, so they maintain an even tone regardless of the customer’s frustration level. Contact centers are finding that this calming approach promotes satisfactory resolution more quickly.

Conversational Commerce
So not only do bots supply neutral resolutions to issues, they mine customer insight to suggest options based on customer preferences, search data, and region. The recommendations can arrive to customers in multiple delivery types such as pop-up windows, email, chatbots etc.

Bots Follow the Rules
Unlike humans, bots follow precisely the company rules and regulations. This helps companies remain compliant and provides compliance documentation. Bots are also much less prone to errors when processing large data sets. They also multitask and have access to an instantaneous knowledge base.

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