Employee Experience (EX) and the Technology That’s Driving It

by | Nov 4, 2019 | Cloud Software

Why is customer experience such a huge focus for organizations? It’s so obvious that it goes without saying — until right now.

Organizations focus on customer experience — the well-being, engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty of their customers — because they want to keep them and they want to add more. 

Using that same framework, employee experience (or EX) demands the same organizational focus because it drives the SAME RESULTS

  • Happy employees are more productive.
  • Disinterested employees are costly.
  • Stronger EX correlates with higher revenue.
  • Employee dissatisfaction is common in some contact center work cultures.


In order to attract and retain the best employees, organizations need to elevate the employee experience to compete across the call center industry. And they need to do it now.


Luckily, new and powerful technologies are emerging every day to help leaders do more for their call center agents. Today we’ll cover a few of the tools that are currently evolving the industry, such as: 

  • Gamification Solutions
  • Single Pane Tools
  • AI-Assisted Platforms
  • And LMS Tools

Let’s get started.


There are many reasons why gamification technology is a huge win for call centers. By adding game-like elements across their agents’ workflows (and the technologies they trust), call centers are lowering attrition and increasing profits.

Which is why you should consider adding gamification to your call center, if you’re looking to improve across key metrics like: 

  • Average handle time
  • Calls taken/issues resolved
  • Higher percentage of calls answered
  • Lower hold times

Gamification lets employees self-manage their productivity by “competing” across intuitive and energizing interfaces that elevate the repetitive tasks for your agents. 


The utility of having a single pane of glass solution (SPOG) across your team’s collective technologies is a dream for most call center leaders. In theory, SPOGs unlock all your business data and intelligence in one easy-to-access place with intuitive logic, navigation and frameworks.

In the broadest sense, it’s similar to curating a music collection across 1,000s of compact discs versus a streaming service like Apple Music. Who wants to wrench their neck looking up and down a circa-1996 CD tower for Kenny Loggins’ Greatest Hits? Not me.

SPOG tools elevate the the employee experience with quick confidence across common queries: 

Do I have a complete view of all of my customer accounts? Yes, I can unlock that here”

“Does the data from this source match data from other sources? Yes, I can monitor the consistency of our system data in one place.” 

Modern agents are being overwhelmed by the number of tools they must access to do their jobs — 65% of enterprise organizations must rely on 10 or more vendor tools to simplify processes.

For call center agents, trusting a host of tools rather than a single pane solution adds unwanted complexity, making it harder to improve performance in a role that already demands speed and precision. 

If your employee experience has become like pulling a needle from a haystack, perhaps it’s time to explore how a single-pane solution can add significant productivity and efficiency.  


The greatest benefit of artificial intelligence’s grand entrance into the call center industry (even with murmurings of the agent’s demise as a result) is how it’s actually helped call center agents do better work across skills that can’t be automated. 

Employees that are seeing positive results and doing their best work are more likely to sustain a high-degree of excellence. 

With A.I. technology bolstering call center productivity in routing calls, predicting customer needs, and automating agent activities, employees are free to focus on the human skills of their role, which drive loyalty and satisfaction for both your employee and customer. 

A proper AI solution will drive better results across:

  • IVR processes
  • NLP systems
  • Knowledge Centers
  • Self-service

Consider how well-served a customer will feel if an agent, not burdened by digging up past communication details or buried under a call queue, is able to make a true emotional connection during their interaction.

Artificial Intelligence clears a path for your call center agents to make humanized connections, with greater clarity into the needs and preferences of each individual they engage with.

On a scale of 1-10, how powerfully is AI assisting your agent’s experience? Anything less than a “10” is unacceptable. 


If you’re not growing, you’re dying.

Some salesman in some office has this tattooed on his calf after losing a close deal with a rival — but it rings true, especially for call center employees. 

Curing the high turnover rates for call center employees will always be a challenge for leaders. And your employees, whether new hires or seasoned vets, want proper training to help them succeed in their roles. 

Modern LMS systems make it easier to disseminate training resources to your team, allowing you to empower them with new skills and prepare them properly for their agent tasks.

Other benefits include:

  • Greater team efficiency.
  • Higher employee productivity.
  • Lower hiring and training costs.
  • Improved efficacy of training across your organization.

From onboarding to ongoing technical training, an LMS keeps employees engaged and committed to their role, creating an engagement loop that curbs attrition.

Are you ready to give your employees more with an LMS that can change their game? The first step is finding an LMS that focuses on employee experience.


If you’re committed to boosting your EX quotient, there are plenty of technologies ready to take on your challenge. Your biggest hurdle is deciding which vendor partner is the right fit for your organization. 

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