A Look Back at 2018

by | Jan 7, 2019 | Cloud Software

Toward the end of the year I often spend time reflecting on the successes and the learning experiences of the year past.  (Notice I do not say “failures” because you either win or you learn.)

2018 was a tremendous year for Cloud Call Center Search as we officially launched our brand to the contact center market. 

This is my 5th startup, and with this one I was able to take the time to test our hypothesis for the company and really work through the go-to-market strategy as we pushed toward launch. We were able to work through the challenges our potential clients face and create a product that would greatly benefit them. In talking with clients, prospects and potential technology partners, we quickly learned that the market is being inundated with vendors who offer endless forms of contact center technology – in a way that’s understandably overwhelming to individuals tasked with attempting to select the right one.

It became apparent that it is almost impossible for contact center decision makers to do a thorough search for technology because of the sheer breadth and width of the market.  This only enforced what we suspected: there is a serious need for services like ours.  Nearly every day I am approached by a new vendor who wants to be a part of our portfolio. This is exciting as we grow our partner network, but it further reinforces the notion that contact centers can’t possibly vet all potential vendors in such a complex marketplace.

I often think about one of our first opportunities as a fledgling company and how it really put us to the test early on.

Less than a month after our soft-launch, we were brought an opportunity to assist a company in finding the right core contact center platform.  However, there was a big catch: they had roughly a month to evaluate, select and implement this new technology. Yes, a month.  This was a great brand and an amazing opportunity, but we were understandably concerned about our likelihood for success. Any time you do a fire drill like this there is great potential for error, and a real risk of spending a tremendous amount of available time and effort only to see nothing in return.  It was a bit of a whirlwind and included a late night or two, but we were able to get through the entire process and match the client with the right vendor within the abbreviated timeline.  The expectations were met, and the client’s goal was achieved.  My vendor partners stepped up and quickly responded, and in the end everyone won.  Since then, the client has been happy enough with our service to refer us business and that to me is the greatest compliment to any company.

Our hypothesis was tested and proven. Our model not only worked but worked under less than ideal circumstances.

For the first time in my career I have had the pleasure of actually finding the round peg that fits into the round hole when it comes to contact center technology, and frankly it’s exhilarating.  I get to have candid conversations about the reality of systems, functionalities and budgets.  I get to help companies identify their needs, understand their timelines and really help them find the right partner, and it is incredibly rewarding. I’ve worked for incredible great in the past, but this is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to approach the selection process without a predetermined winner. I have the opportunity to embrace the reality that not all technology solutions are right for every customer and guide them to a tool that I know will greatly impact their business.

2018 was the beginning of our venture, and there is so much more to come.  I know there is a need for our services and I know, without a doubt, that there are companies struggling to make sense of this landscape.  I look forward to helping companies initiate partnerships where there once were only vendors.  I enjoy creating opportunity for our network to generate additional recurring revenue through our referral programs, and I cannot wait to see what 2019 brings. 

The technology space in the contact center and customer experience market is expanding.  In 2019 industry experts predict a wave of premised-based contact centers making the move to the cloud.  I know this process can seem overwhelming, but I also know it is a necessary move as companies transition through their digital migration and work through their customer journey initiatives.

I know that Cloud Call Center Search is positioned to help these companies with their transition and I look forward to being there for our clients and partners to create positive outcomes for all parties involved.

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