Cloud Technology to Support Your Agents through the 2019 Holidays

by | Mar 25, 2019 | Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Software

Are you still having nightmares about last year’s holiday rush?

Even with the holiday season still months away, if your business relies on high-volume call center interactions, you need to start improving your call center experiences  — right now!

For both internal and outsourced call center environments, updating your cloud solutions can be a great course of action if you’ve historically struggled to leverage modern technology and optimize your seasonal call centers.

Whether you battle seasonal call spikes, overwhelming call volumes, or the high cost of staffing, having a partner to help you identify call center cloud solutions can be a huge game changer to achieve your business objectives. With more time and less stress, integrating the right cloud solutions can offer seasonal resolutions well before Black Friday.

Ignoring the efficiency of your call center environment in preparation for the holidays can result in lower customer satisfaction, poor customer service and lost revenue opportunities along the way.

Building a holiday wish list for call center improvements can put you back on track.

Retailers with an expert partner in call center automation and omnichannel experiences are in the best position to succeed during 2019’s busy holiday season.

Cloud Automation for Better Customer Engagement

Retailers that rely on call centers to engage with customers are often entrusting their entire sales cycle and brand experience to customer interactions over the phone. You don’t want manual processes to interfere with the efficiency and quality of these consumer touchpoints.

One poor engagement from your call center representatives can be the difference between keeping or losing a customer.

That’s why automated cloud solutions, like artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots and robotic process automation (RPA), are becoming more commonplace among call center workflows.

Integrating automated solutions that collect and pass customer data from any channel, even a website visit, can help manage call volume and remove manual processes that slow down customer service, thus freeing your representatives to focus on the aspects of their roles that require human intelligence.

For internal and outsourced call center environments, cloud automation features are a great addition to consider if you want to immediately increase the accuracy, productivity and consistency of your retail customer service. Adding cloud-sourced automation can also reduce your call center headcount, with fewer paid personnel required to handle your call volume.

This increase in employee efficiency empowers your remaining agents to do their best work across customer interactions.

Omnichannel is the Future Your Customer’s Demand

Customers hold more control over how they engage with retailers than ever before – and call centers must adapt to this reality.

With shoppers everywhere, from digital, to mobile, to SMS, and beyond, call centers must offer immediate clarity and quality of service across all customer channels.

Texting has become the preferred method of communication for a growing consumer base (millennials and younger). And more consumers seek out solutions that they can leverage to solve their own problems, with 60 percent saying they look for self-service options before anything else.

Many cloud solutions serve to keep your organization updated with valuable omnichannel integrations. It is also a huge competitive advantage for retailers to offer customers state-of-the-art experiences and new features that bolster the quality of your holiday service.

To strike the benefits of these cloud call center solutions, many organizations need to look to expert partners that can build a call center environment around the right types of technology for greater success.


The success of your 2019 holiday season cannot be left to chance. We’ve talked about this before.

Retailers can’t risk lower customer satisfaction or lost revenue opportunities because their call center solutions fall short of customer expectations, especially when they’re already committing their time and money to maintain and administer these environments.

To build a holiday call center that is ready for the peak periods of seasonal demand, organizations can look to cloud-based solutions to build better environments.

By entrusting an expert partner to advise on best-in-class solutions in your industry, your call centers can be outfitted rapidly for greater efficiency, omnichannel experiences, flexibility and customer ROI.